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hello !! welcome to my super fantastic website, filmforher! this site is my passion project where i dump all of my stuff onto! i'm thinking of using this mostly as a blog and photography archive. you can find links to both of those in my navigation list to the left! the name of this site is based off of the title of the book by orion carloto. using the same name and idea, i intend to use this website as a medium for my memories and thoughts.

a little about me: i reside in california and have been coding for five years :) i'm a big coffee person and love reading books i find on pinterest! i occassionally perform guitar covers at open mic nights in the bay area (maybe you've seen me before...) i have a hard time picking my favorite animal (it's a tie between snow leopards and giraffes) but cats will always hold a special place in my heart
i usually never miss an oppurtunity to volunteer for service hours and would consider myself an ambivert but more on the introvert side!

i've actually been on neocities since september 2020, however i will never reveal my old account bc it deserves to be left in the past anyway i started this website to strengthen my coding skills and hopefully build a "portfolio"(?) for when i try to apply to jobs and colleges! also i just love the idea of having my own website where i can do anything i want and no one can tell me how to manage it bc it's all mine and no one else's

i have some rules for this site tho actually more like a lack of rules tbh i don't mind if you copy and paste my code or anything but my code is so messy it's honestly embarrassing so if you're gonna take something from me and you have no idea what it does literally just ask me about it on my neocities profile LOL i will help u out! i don't believe in keeping my code all to myself, since most people learn from others' coding so i totally encourage you to borrow and study my code!! HOWEVER this ONLY applie to my site, other people's sites will most likely not appreciate you copy and pasting!!!

UPDATES!! i'll try to update at least once a month xx

16 August: Website is up! hope ya'll like it:)

15 August: Finished some small bits

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